The Ice People 9 - Without Roots PDF Margit Sandemo Hent

Mikael Lind of the Ice People has been separated from his family his whole life. Hes obediently followed orders and expectations of those who raised him, but always against his own wishes. His life is suffocating, and dark visions are threatening to consume him. But a chance encounter changes everything. It leads him to his family, the Ice People.When Mikael meets his extraordinary family, he finally finds his roots. Meanwhile, Mikaels young son Dominic develops powers of his own and joins the next generation of the Ice People – who are both powerful and cursed.Fil størrelse: 829 KB

  • Navn: The Ice People 9 - Without Roots
  • Format: E-bog, ePub, PDF, FB2, MOBI
  • Forfattere: Margit Sandemo
  • Sprog: Dansk